A Work In Progress
Our 3/4 acre wooded shade garden has been a work in progress since 1985.  Our signature grass paths wind through the shade gardens that feature over 300 different perennials and over 100 different mature hosta cultivars.  The gardens also include a number of viburnums, daphne, hydrangea, dogwood and other shade tolerant shrubs.  At the heart of the garden is a water lily pond.  The gardens are also lighted at night.

Don't Miss the Gardens during Peak Season
The gardens are at their peak from early May through June which coincides with the blooming of tiarella and astilbe.  The gardens have been featured on a number of local tours and are available for free tours to all of our customers.  We also frequently conduct tours for local and regional garden clubs.

Pushing the Envelope in the Shade
You will find that we like to push the envelope of what is generally considered to grow in the shade.  While there is some amount of trial and error involved, you can get away with a lot of "sunny" plants in the shade if you're willing to lower your expectations a bit on the quantity of blooms. 

Our Signature Touch- Winding Grass Paths
Our signature touch is the grass paths that wind through the wooded setting.  Growing grass in the shade is not for the faint of heart.  In fact you need to virtually treat it as a annual.  But the effect is that the paths naturally roll out of the backyard lawn and draw each visitor into the woodland gardens. The winding paths create a number of vistas or "rooms" within the garden.  Garden benches are placed at strategic locations so the visitor can slow down and stop to enjoy the view. 

Only Cool Colors in this Garden
Rob is admittedly a plant collector, but attempts to disguise this fact with some basic landscaping techniques.  We typically plant in groupings of three of the same variety and reserve single plantings for striking specimens.  To further enhance the cool feeling of the shade garden, we only use plants that bloom in cool colors- white, blue, pink and lavender.  You won't find any red or yellow blooms in this cool shade garden.